Evals & Winterball :)

Today was my first winterguard show ever! It was just evaluations though so no competition.

Erick’s dad drove Erick, me, and Anthony to James Logan High and we were there from 2-7:30. We performed and it was really fun! I loved the adrenaline rush. But apparently we got bumped down a division :( Oh well. It was still fun! I’m just glad I’m in this.

On the way back, we had Jack in the Box and mmmm curly fries! <3 But yeah Jacob took FOREVERRR to change into this outfit but he was done eventually. He just changed out in the open :PP Erick looked so good in his nice shirt and tie and vest :) <3 I wore a green dress from H&M and I think it looked nice :3

The dance was fun but I was sooo tired towards the end. They only had one slow song so I used that to my advantage xD Overall it went well. I’m pretty funny looking when I am tired. Now my thighs and ankles and feet hurt. :P It was worth it though! :)

Now I am home and its late and I’m sore and sleepy and groggy but I’m talking to Erick and I don’t want to go yettt. Tomorrow I have to return a sweater I got from Guess because I don’t think I would wear it anymore, and also exchange a shirt from Gap for a smaller size :PP So complicated. Then I have a 3 year old’s birthday party to go to, hurrah!